Are you ready for a Business Breakthrough?
Private mentorship for online entrepreneurs & coaches.
Are You a Driven and Smart Female Entrepreneur?
Do you want to ELEVATE your life & business? Let's get this done! By taking action, saying YES to yourself, you are already PUTTING YOURSELF IN THE GAME! Do you feel like you're on the EDGE of something amazing?

Are you just starting out or struggling to get clients and makes sales. Or are you about to break through to 6-figures but that next monthly income goal seems impossible? Or maybe you can manifest all sorts of amazing stuff, just not clients or money! :)
Maybe you're frustrated and overwhelmed wondering when it will be your turn to make some real money? Do you feel like you’re doing everything right but still stuck? Are your fears holding you back from the success you deserve? Are you scared of being visible? Does the thought of a Facebook Livestream terrify you?

Is it not working out as fast as you thought it would? Are you not having nearly as much fun as you thought you would? Are you undercharging or not charging at all? 
"At any moment the decision you make can change the course of your life forever."
Anthony Robbins
Are you ready to step into your power?
This one on one mentorship coaching will help you gain; momentum in your business, a WINNING MINDSET and the confidence, to take your life and business to the next level! And to naturally become more visible, attract clients easily & make money. How good does that sound? 

All these amazing breakthroughs are gained by overcoming; MONEY BLOCKS, LIMITING BELIEFS, SELF-DOUBT, fear of judgement/failure/success, procrastination (yes they’re all linked!).

There are so many amazing messages to get out there and so many people hiding and holding themselves and their businesses back, by not being visible.

This is your opportunity to OVERCOME ANYTHING HOLDING YOU BACK, make your dreams a reality! You will leave this program feeling like a NEW WOMAN with a PURPOSE, TOTALLY MOTIVATED, EXCITED AND CONFIDENT TO BECOME THE SUCCESS YOU KNOW YOU CAN BE.
"Clearing money blocks is critical to taking your business to the next level. There's nothing more satisfying than helping my clients break through their financial comfort zone."

- Joanna Turner
Why Me? 
Because I've been there. When I quit my job as a Chartered Accountant I was full of excitement and thought I was off to change the world. I was so naive, and thought with my background in business, my EFT and one coaching certification, clients would just race to work with me! Haha, I'm still laughing at myself, but I wouldn't change a thing as I needed to go through it all to learn everything I have, meaning I'm even more grateful for everything I've achieved.

I spent the first six months of my business barely making any money, I had a few clients here and there, but I was spinning, fearful, hiding and not quite sure what to do next. Don't get me wrong, I was working REALLY hard, up to 16 hour days, and studying really hard (I'm a total course junkie!) but I only had a vague idea of what a money block was and no idea that it could be holding me back. Starting your own business is a huge lesson in personal development and you learn so much about yourself, it hasn't all been easy but it's definitely worth it!

Everything changed and I made $40k in 6 weeks and have made consistent 5-figure months ever since, if I can do it anyone can- when they get out of their own way! But it wasn't a miracle and it didn't happen overnight, I made it happen, with these key steps; 1) I invested in a business mentor and high-level coaching program 2) I got coached on my money blocks (it's almost impossible to do it on yourself!) 3) I got super clear on my target market, and finally everything felt aligned 4) Really worked on my mindset and wealth consciousness 5) Got super visible online 6) Stopped trying to be perfect 7) Stopped comparing myself to others 8) Outsourced more 9) Added more value 10) Made my goals a non-negotiable!
Some of these things have been easier than others, but as someone who has always struggled with my weight, being photographed and filming videos has been a huge challenge for me. I can genuinely say now that I enjoy and look forward to them! I also struggled with asking for help, and have always been fiercely independent so admitting I needed help to me was a sign of weakness. Being vulnerable is hard! However, that's when the transformation happens, and I'm glad I didn't waste anymore time!

Now I'm travelling all over the world, doing exactly what I love and working with amazing people. This year I've been to Paris and LA, and next I'm off to Florence and Bali! I'm so passionate about helping other entrepreneurs maximise their potential and minimize the growing pains. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients' success! I believe in you! 

Melissa Pharr, Wealth Creation and Business Coach

“Joanna is simply fantastic! Her ability to get straight to the root of what’s holding you back is incredible. Her EFT coaching really allowed me to open up to receiving in a huge way in my life and business! I didn’t even realize some of the fears that were holding me back until spending time with Joanna and experiencing her coaching. If you’re thinking about working with her, do it! Hands down! You won’t regret it and it’s time to open yourself up to abundance and success like never before!”
Why is my approach different? 
1) Because it works! My clients have seen massive changes in their businesses even after our first few sessions.

2) Because it's different, many coaches TALK about removing blocks but unless they are doing something like this it just won't work!

3) I use a powerful combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), to create long lasting change, at a deep subconscious level, and I don't know anyone else that does this to get the results I do.

4) Your conscious mind is your goal-setter and your unconscious mind is your goal-getter! Did you know your unconscious mind makes up 95% of your brain, so if it is not in alignment with your conscious mind, you will NEVER reach your goals! You will be sabotaged at every move, that's why EFT and NLP are sooo important!!

5) EFT works with your bodies natural meridian lines and acupressure points, to unblock your energy, it's amazing for physical and emotional pain, fear, traumas, but especially limiting beliefs AND those money blocks!

6) NLP is a powerful way to manage your thoughts, emotions and language to have a better life, by allowing you to take control of your unconscious mind. Change your thinking, change your life!

There is a joke: 'What's the difference between EFT/NLP and therapy? 
Answer: 5-10 years and $50,000!

My work is not a joke or therapy! :) But it sometimes (ok almost always!) uncovers some really deep issues, that people have often been trying to work through for years, or might even think they have already overcome, or maybe it's not even something traumatic, but a small incident from your childhood that shaped your beliefs, that's now holding you back. If you are still not making the money you desire in your business there is something stopping you and it's time to let it go, once and for all! I know that all sounds a bit dramatic, but I promise it's not nearly as bad as it sounds, the pain of not letting it go is way worse, and I make sure we can laugh even at the hardest of times. :)

Yes, I love to focus on mindset because Success is 80% Psychology and 20% Skills/tools!

The only difference between you and someone who is killing it, is that they believe they can!

But it's not all super deep stuff, I seriously believe we should all be having waaayyy more fun in our businesses!!! So I will customize your package and can also work with you on raising your vibration, getting the right systems and structures in place, getting super clear on your target market, your pricing & packages (even increasing your rates!), finding your unique selling point & brainstorming ideas. 
Topics Covered:
  • Get focused on your desires and how to manifest them (I have an awesome NLP tool to make your dreams a reality!!).
  • Understand what drives and inspires you.
  • Get clear on your current values and determine if they are holding you back.
  • Redesign your values to ensure they empower you and make you feel fabulous every single day!
  • Define your ultimate life purpose.
  • Set inspiring goals for your business and your life.


  • Break free of negative thoughts that could be holding you back from success.
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs: fear of failure, fear of success. fear of judgement, fear of not being enough & comparisonitis!!!
  • Use your thoughts to create the life you desire.
  • Overcome anxiety, stress, fear, overwhelm and emotional eating, and replace them with gratitude, love, trust and confidence.
  • Stop self-sabotage.
  • Harness the power of your thoughts and how you can absolutely create anything you desire.


  • Break free from the holding pattern.
  • Attract the wealth you desire (& deserve!).
  • Overcome any money blocks (EFT is incredibly powerful tool to completely eliminate them!).
  • Have anything your heart desires.
  • Feel abundant now and live the life you've always dreamed of.
  • Easily and effortlessly attract more money and more clients.
  • Learn to graciously receive what you deserve!
  • Become completely confident in your abilities and offerings and finally charge what you're worth!


  • Get sales calls strategies that work and don't feel 'salesy' or 'sleazy'.
  • Gain confidence when talking about your services.
  • Learn how to turn a 'No' into a 'Yes'!
  • Raise your rates and charge your worth and feel great about it!
  • Develop your packages and offerings that you love.


  • Get clarity on your target market and where to find them online.
  • Grow your email list naturally and get targeted followers.
  • Attract and create raving fans and a community that you love.
  • Best practice solutions for leading a Facebook group and page.


  • Discuss your goals and how to best support yourself on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Become more organized, efficient, and feel like you have more time (with my incredibly effective NLP trick!).
  • How to say 'NO' more often and accept the support you need.
  • Learn the 10 minute trick to set your day up for success.
  • Understand the power of gratitude, meditation, and visualising.
  • Get visible and attract the clients you deserve.

What's Included?

  • Intensive: 2 hour initial Skype intensive, this is an epic Money Blocks busting energy clearing session, that sets you up for continuing success!
  • Coaching: Powerful 1:1 45 min Skype sessions.Welcome Packet: A detailed questionnaire to be filled out prior first session to allow your coaching to be tailored to meet your goals.
  • Money Blocks Telecourse: Access to my fabulous 6 week pre-recorded course. (Value $497)
  • Additional Resources: Bonus Materials (access to PDFs, teleseminars, webinars, referrals etc.).
  • Support: VIP email access during your coaching program, for questions and support.
  • Facebook Group Community: For additional support and feedback.
Investment Options
"2 weeks after our session, I booked my 2nd Coaching & Meditation package for $2k!"
Madeline Rinehart, Global Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Coach
"After our session, I let go of the negative energy that was holding me back and booked 8 new clients.”
Minling Chuang, Brand Stylist
"Within 10 days of our session, I made $32,299 in my business."
Lexi D’Angelo, The Success Stylist
Q. Do you just work with coaches?
A. No, I work with any type of online entrepreneur, but only if I think they are ready and I know I can help them, I give 100% and expect the same in return.

Q. Do you just work with women?
A. No, I work with men too in my 1:1 coaching, but my Group Programs are still women only.

Q. Will EFT work for me?
A. It works on everyone, even the sceptics, but it's so much easier if you're open minded! :)

Q. How much money will I make?
A. I make no guarantees, it comes down to you, where you already are in your business, and how much work you're willing to put in, but many of my clients have had significant shifts in their income is a short amount of time.
Still have some more questions? I'm happy to answer anything on your complimentary Discovery call, so apply NOW! There's nothing to lose! x

About Joanna Tunner

Joanna is a Certified Transformational Business & Success coach, Advanced EFT & NLP Practitioner (and former Chartered Accountant). Joanna is a recognized author and motivational speaker, and leads online webinars, courses and workshops. Originally from Scotland, Joanna spent 6 years living in Bermuda and now lives in Sydney, Australia, where she also is an active volunteer Surf Lifesaver and instructor.

Joanna loves mentoring smart women entrepreneurs to gain momentum in their business by helping them create a winning mindset, earn desired income, gain confidence and reach the freedom to travel and spend more time doing the things they love. Joanna helps women overcome money blocks, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, procrastination, and fear of judgment/failure/success (yes they're all linked!).

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